Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday baby

A quick update with a few photos. I took some more photos last week to show off my new coloured clip-in extensions but they were accidentally deleted. Never mind. Today's photo shows what I look like usually when I'm feeling too lazy to create an outfit. I'm a big big fan of basic t-shirt/singlet and jeans/denim shorts outfits teamed with key pieces of jewelery like layered bracelets, a watch, rosary beads or a statement ring. I'll show some more variations of these outfits in days to come and show off new purchases and donations.

Wearing my old faithful black jeans bought at Deborah K when I was 15, white tee from Supre, boots from eBay, belt from Target, rosary beads from Rome.

Blogging  - the only pasttime keeping a retail worker sane.
With my darling friends at a 21st last Friday night.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Hollie. I from Adelaide too and new to blogging. I love you what you have called your blog. Check out my blog if you like.
    Love the studded boots by the way.