Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blog love / Body love

I've recently started following two blogs, Fat Aus and Curve Appeal. I was so happy to stumble across the both of them and see something other than stick-thin bodies. I still don't understand why magazines (where most of the fashion images I see originate) can't use a variety of body types. Yeah, sometimes Cosmo do a "real bodies" special and have models of all sizes but I don't see why that can't be a monthly occurrence. I'd like to see girls who look like me - tiny waist, tiny boobs and a ghetto booty, and girls who are either side of the "model thin" and "plus size" categories. Everybody deserves the right to feel beautiful and show off their style, so I'm very glad   to be a part of an online community where everyone can participate if they want to.

Bronny of Fat Aus rocking a very cute pom pom cardi and leather skirt.

Bronny again as a redhead. 

Love the shirt! Image courtesy of Curve Appeal

Curve Appeal

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  1. totally agreed. everyone deserves the right to have their figure celebrated!