Thursday, June 28, 2012

Palazzo glory

I'm thinking this outfit is a wee too dramatic for work, but oh well. At least no one else will be wearing the same thing!


  1. That's not too dramatic, it's great! Everyone will be jealous of the way you swish ;)

    p.s. You didn't tell us what you're wearing though :(


  2. Hehe, thanks. My pants/hair got a lot of compliments.
    I'm wearing a Sportsgirl black velvet turband, Temt singlet, Primark sheer cardigan thing, pants from Red Cross op shop and flats from Betts.

  3. Love the trousers and cardi together! Oh you should see the sometimes ridiculous things I wear to work! Leather pencil skirts and platforms in the workshop, just don't slip on any sawdust! Ha ha, not that I am in there all day!

  4. Thanks ladies! I would wear more ridiculous things to work were I not on my feet for 9 hours. boo :(