Thursday, October 25, 2012

Product review: Lush Dark Angels cleanser

Introducing: Lush Dark Angels cleanser.

This strange looking black cleanser is fantastic for oily skin as it cleanses and exfoliates, drying up excess oil. 
Dark Angels is chock full of good stuff, made from powdered charcoal, black sugar, Rhassoul mud, organic cold pressed avocado oil, sandalwood oil and rosewood oil (see a full list of ingredients here).

At first you'll feel like you're putting on war paint as you smear black stuff on your face, but the results are worth it, leaving your skin feeling very smooth. And it smells nice too!

I use Dark Angels a couple of times a week and it keeps my skin very clear. Of all the cleansers I have (about 4) this is the most effective. I also prefer to use something made from primarily natural ingredients, instead of something with list of ingredients I can't pronounce! Also, Lush buy their ingredients from suppliers that don't test on animals, which is fantastic. 

A couple of tips for using this cleanser: 
1. Don't scrub too hard, it can be quite abrasive.
2. Clean your face properly afterwards or you will be sporting some black marks and/or black pores. I use a toner afterwards, just to be safe. 
3. Be prepared to clean the basin!
4. You could use it on other problem areas you may have, such as your shoulders and back.
5. You don't need to use to much, a little goes a long way, so this is great value for money!

Dark Angels will cost you $15.95 for 100g. Click here for more details. 

Do you have a favourite skin care product? Share your secrets! 

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