Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bargains and freebies - would you expect anything less?


It's a busy time of year, lots of things happening = lots of new purchases! Most of the outfits in the post were free but I still have more to show off in coming posts!

Below is a gorgeous dress I picked up from Valleygirl for $14.95. Score!

Paired with new shoes from work (Betts) which you can pick up now for $29.99 (or less if you buy them in Lime - which is amazing!)

Last night, us girls had another clothes swap - these are frequent because we all have serious shopping issues. The items in the pic directly below belonged to me, ended up in a swap a few times and a took them back last night! Hehe!

Cream top with lace detail on the shoulders, floral and polka dot skirt and nude strappy wedges.  

Cute wine coloured lace dress with detachable under-dress. 

Gorgeous cream and black dress, originally from Review. 

 T-shirt from Cotton On (pants are not new).

Amazingly warm and cosy grey batwing cardi. 

Black lace dress that is incredibly short (the only thing I didn't try on) which is still fine to wear over any black/coloured dress (body con, or other). 

Overall, very happy with my bargains and freebies! Stay tuned for pics of the "sex" top that got me in trouble at work!

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  1. Aw man I missed a good one! I love that polka dot/floral skirt, by the way. And that first photo is super duper pretty!