Monday, July 25, 2011


Her hair is stunning, I love a messy up-do. I also covet crystal jewelery.

Such a great outfit. The skirt is fun and I'm a fan of anything teamed with black. Note: I believe a sheer shirt should be buttoned all the way up when worn with only a bra underneath. It keeps it slightly demure, especially with a high-waisted item underneath. It's cheeky, but not cheap-looking.

I pretty much want her entire outfit. Especially the t-shirt - "Jesus saves, I spend."


Love a good leather short. Unfortuantely I have come to realise they do not suit me.

This shirt is so hipster, but I still want it.

There is nothing more alluring than a hot mess.

Where can I get one?

Taylor Momsen looking cute in a plaid bustier and varsity jacket.

This colour combo looks familiar...I wore it in my previous post.

Can't wait to dress like this for summer, especially the hippie-chic hair.


  1. hippie hair defines summer! also, I cannot honestly imagine you not looking good in leather.
    ... that came out all wrong.

    we go to the farmers markets at the showgrounds by the way :) they have an awesome BBQ at the back and lots of tastings and awesome, cheap, fresh fruit and veg. and a cool tofu stall. and of course meat... blah blah.

  2. haha, ever since I read your comment I've had the song "look good in leather" stuck in my head. I've always wanted to visit the farmers markets, maybe we can team up sometime.