Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New pics and op-shop goodies.

Heyo, yes it's been a while but I am happy to report I have some new photos/outfits to show. The setting is far less exciting than I imagined (behold, my loungeroom), but I was struck by late night/early morning motivation. Here are the results:

T-shirt from Supre, skirt, shoes and belt from Salvos.

Tank from Salvos, skirt from Factorie.

Shirt from Jay Jays, necklace is a hand-me-down from Aunty.

Shirt from Jay Jays, pants (with matching belt worn as a necktie) from Primark, shoes from eBay, belt from Salvos.

Vest from eBay, skirt from Savers.

New watch from Live and wristband borrowed from my sister.


  1. You may well be the most incredibly attractive and fashionable person I've ever met!!!

    Btw, I have shown your blog off to many a person in M-Town!!

    Btw, btw. Photo four is beautiful =)

    X. Boots =)

  2. Naw, thank you so much. You sure know how to make a girl feel good about herself. Hope all is well. :) xx