Friday, September 30, 2011

Cloudy skies

The weather today is terrible, but I caught a brief sunny spell to take some photos. I'm wearing my new, 70s style floaty blouse which I got on sale at Cotton On, my trusty $10 jeans from Globalize, Mum's vintage belt and the Cooper wedge from Betts.


  1. Wow you really know how to look incredibly chic on a budget girly! Love the chic, boho look you've got going on here :) xx

  2. Lauren, if I'm ever rich one day, you're going to be my personal shopper/stylist. Think how much fun we'd have! And with all the money you'd save me with your bargain-finding skillz, we could drink wine and be merry.

    One day...


  3. I would be honoured to be your stylist, Jacquie. Can we just drink wine and op-shop anyway? :D xx

  4. The second photo is amazing.

    Loving the look, obviously very thought out, but it wouldn't be apparent on the first glance.

    I read your blog and wish I was a girl!

  5. Ahh, thanks Chris, your comments always make me smile. :) And yes, everything is very thought out. always. haha.