Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just sayin'

I just wanted to post a quick note before I jet off to Sydney tomorrow morning. You can always, always look good on a budget. People ask me, "where do you shop, where do you get your clothes from?" I shop cheap, I am a regular at Valleygirl, Target, and the sale sections of Dotti, Sportsgirl, General Pants and Trims. I'm not embarrassed to check out what's new in Big W and K Mart. For instance, I previously posted about my new pair of wedges bought from Big W for $34.95, here:

You could also spend more money and get basically the same thing at Novo for $79.95
Or spend more money and get the Tony Bianco version for $179.95

Similarly, I can get these blue wedges I have been lusting over from Novo for $79.95

Or splash out on the Tony Bianco wedge at $179.95

And if anyone cares to drop a pair of those blue bad boys in my letter box (size 8, fyi) I will be so happy.

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