Monday, October 17, 2011


On the weekend I spent three days in Sydney with my family and Pete in celebration of Dad's 50th birthday. We stayed in the heart of the city on George Street and had access to cheap eats in Chinatown, a free shuttle to take us to Circular Quay and beyond and Starbucks across the street! I love visiting Sydney because there's always so much to do and see. We took a jet boat ride through the harbour, which was incredibly fun, took the ferry to Manly for lunch and shopped at markets, walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and spent the day at Luna Park. At night we drank beer and cheap cocktails and ate $10 meals. It was nice to have a little family holiday and have a change of scenery for a weekend.

Papa bear at Adelaide Airport

Yours truly at Sydney Airport

The Harbour Bridge, which turns 80 in March 2012!

Dad enjoying some quiet time on the balcony.

Night time view from the balcony

Manly wharf

Lunch time at Manly

One beary happy family (tee hee).

A toy llama we bought enjoying the ferry.

Llama on Pete.

Getting ready for a night on the town.

Llama enjoying cocktails and good company.

Pete getting excited about Luna Park.

Fun times at Luna.

Waiting to leave the hotel. 
My epic sunburn which I am very ashamed of. 


  1. Sounds like you guys had fun! Can't wait to catch up and hear all the gories!... Not to mention meeting your new friend! xxx

  2. HAHAHAHAHA "llama on pete" made me laugh far too hard! looks like an awesome weekend though :) and pete looks ridiculously happy to be at luna park!

  3. also, how can you have so much pretty in the one family?

  4. Thank you ladies, it was a fantastic weekend, next time I'll need to check out the suburbs for indie party times and shopping. The llama is the best new addition our family has ever received. :D