Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Thought I'd take advantage of the amazing weather and spare time due to my car being serviced to take some photos! Seriously, this weather is so perfect, it puts a smile on my dial all day.

First up, I'm showing off my new dress that I bought from K Mart for $29. K Mart have some really great stuff at the moment and I had to suppress a squeal when I saw this dress because I've always wanted one like it. It's floaty, feminine, soft green, a little bit boho and looks great with boots. It ticks all the boxes!

Below is today's outfit, teamed with the ultimate handbag - ultimate because the colours are awesome, the size is perfect and I paid a measly $1.99 for it at Salvos!!! Cha-ching!


  1. your looks are so sheik ! that dress is amazing and that pink bag is to die for! the colours are definitely awesome! great blog dear x

  2. thank you so much, Chahana. :D

  3. Oh my gosh that bag is amazing, what a steal! Love that look. Cameo top is super cute. Nice meeting you today, great blog, I shall follow. Cheers, Jenelle.