Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zara Adelaide

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the media tour/opening of Zara at Burnside Village. On arrival we were gifted with a lovely leather tote bag and a usb with photos of Zara's latest lookbook.

The tour started at 8am, and we were taken in groups around the store and given detailed introductions to each collection by different staff members. Zara's concept is to keep each collection in its own section of the store, like a mini boutique where you can pair and mix individual items and access the coordinating shoes and bags.

Surprisingly, Zara's prices are not unreasonable. Shoes retail for around $60-90, a large selection of jeans for $60, coloured knits for $30 as well as some higher price points for limited edition items and finer materials. Not only was I impressed by the range of colour, cut and style for women, but the men's collection is very well thought out with plenty of pieces to mix and match. (If I'm lucky, I'll drag Pete along to buy him some slim fit shirts!) There's also a very cute and age appropriate kids collection and TRF, a collection aimed at fashion-forward youth.

Adelaide's Zara store is the largest in Australia, housed over two levels and occupying 2,300sq m and is modeled on the Fifth Avenue, New York design. It's a lovely store, very open, clean and relaxing. I think Zara will do very well at Burnside, as the style of the store and merchandise is in line with the mix of middle range and high end retailers in the shopping centre. 

My lookbook usb

Leather tote!
*Note: Sadly, at the start of the tour I realised my camera battery was completely dead (though it appeared full the night before). I have no photos of my own from the tour, but can show you pics from the Zara lookbook.

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  1. wow! you are ridiculously lucky. well, not so much lucky. talented. lucky to be realised for your talent. I'm babbling.
    next girls' trip to Zara then? :D