Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunny September

So what's new with you?

I'm working both at Betts for Her as a sales lady, and as a social media advisor for SLAM Marketing. I adore my job at Betts (most of the time) and have some pretty exciting projects lined up with my work at SLAM.

My wedding is in just over 6 months and I still have a tonne of stuff to do! If you live in South Australia and can recommend an excellent hair stylist and or make-up artist, please let me know!

Speaking of weddings, I'm thinking this galaxy bowtie would look super cute (and appropriate) on my groom! This one is cute too.

I finally found a wedding dress, after a few failed attempts at buying a cheap one online. Lesson learned.
I've purchased an Anna Campbell dress, the trouble was in picking just one! Such a stunning collection of dresses, makes me want to be a designer myself!

On another topic, I've finally found a pair of earrings I can wear. I bought these from Sportsgirl for $5. Because they have large plastic backings and the pin is in the centre of the front of the earring, I can fit them snugly on my ears, despite the fact I have gaping holes in my lobes! Post-teenage-ear-stretching-phase win!

I also got layers cut in my hair which I'm not happy with overall, but it allows me to pin up the lower half and make my hair look short! 

And I'm playing with the brights trend for this Spring and Summer. Bought this turquoise necklace from Collette for $7.50 (was $15 - 50% off for members!). It is my absolute fav, I am a huge fan of turquoise and this goes with everything!
I also dug up a fluoro pink skirt I bought from Supre outlet a while ago for about $5 and thought I'd give it a go. Got lots of compliments!

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