Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday baby

 Today I spent a lovely many hours in the sunshine, shopping in Rundle Mall & Rundle St. with a dear friend. We stopped for lunch at Vego & Love'n It and I had my usual, Bali Burger and also a banana smoothie! Perfection!

Sadly I didn't buy anything, but did find bridesmaids dresses for my lovely gals. One more thing ticked off the list!

Today I wore my op-shop denim jacket and silver belt, Ladakh dress courtesy of another dear friend (good ol' clothes swap) and tan wedges from work. As you can see in the pics, I'm showing off my new neon capped heels, a la Christian Louboutin. Bought these babies from eBay for about $25 inc. postage. They fit like a glove, it may look like my pinkie toe is squished but, it's A OK!


  1. I mean obviously I'm partial to neon heels, but these are awesome! Did you end up finding your makeup artist?

  2. Thanks, Chanelle. :) I checked out Jessica Anne's page and liked the look of her stuff, so I think I'll give her a buzz. Thanks for the tip :)