Thursday, December 1, 2011

New additions

Just a quick post to share some new things.

I got another tattoo. This one is the lotus artwork from La Dispute's latest album, Wildlife. Anyone who is a fan of La Dispute knows how utterly beautiful, poetic, and often tragic, their lyrics are. I'd spent ages trying to decide which line/s to get, gave up, and decided on the lotus to sum up my love for the band and their music. Happily, I will be going to see them play at Fowlers in February.

Freshly inked.
All healed up.

Also, Pete and I exchanged early and not-so-secret Christmas gifts the other day. He bought me these amazing chunky platform heels from work (Betts) and I bought him a computer console controller thing that somehow can be used for his telescope... yep. Accord also come in black and nude and will set you back $89.99. I will post better pics involving the shoes/outfits soon!

Rust-coloured corduroy. Amazing!


  1. All utterly gorgeous - especially you!!!

  2. oh wow, okay... I love these ones even more than the fruity ones! I assume you've seen the Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk range? thoughts?

  3. Yes, I have seen the night walk range and I would love to try them on, but would never buy them. Apparently they're super high and clumsy old me would end up with two broken ankles or something. Aesthetically,if I were to buy them I would get them in velvet so it looks more Mod than wack-tastic.

  4. hahaha I can imagine! yes, I think I'd fall over and break something as well. awesome aesthetically though!