Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dave turns 50

Last night we celebrated Dave's 50th (which was actually on New Year's Eve) at the Edwardstown Bowls Club. The club was very old school, with adorable floral-cushioned chairs in the bathroom, club president photos and honours on the walls, a gorgeous retro bar and old people kitsch. It was a great night, Dave played with both his bands, there was a sizeable bar tab and we cooked a bbq for dinner. It was great to see everyone having a good time and dancing, it was especially lovely to watch my Nanna and Poppa dance like pros among everyone else who were doing the sloppy middle-aged jig.

Pete looking stoked to have his picture taken for my blog. 

My always entertaining sister, Angela.

Jane enjoying her apron.

Steery, Dad and Nanna.

Dave and Mum.

Dave receiving his "old man" present of slippers.

Jane and Jade.

Dave playing with The Artisans.

When Pete was forced to dance....

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