Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY baby

I've always been a fan of customising my clothing/shoes/accessories to make them look the way I want and also stand out from the things other people are wearing. When I was in high school I sewed buttons on to my Converse hi-tops (win), spray painted t-shirts (not so win) and sewed op shop jeans to make them skinnier (win).

Lately, my customising efforts have gone as far as cutting skirts to make them shorter and not hemming them as I'm too lazy to visit my Nanna to use her sewing machine. Last night I actually achieved something by putting star-shaped studs on a plain pair of boots I bought from Cotton On for $10.

I bought two types of studs from eBay - stars and cones - and also plan to buy a shirt or two so I can cover the collar in cone studs. It's easy, you just push the spikes through the fabric and fold them down. A bit sore on the ol' fingers (could have used a thimble) and a bit fiddly but fun nonetheless.

Ta da!

 So it's nothing dramatic but the studs definitely dress up a very plain pair of boots. And considering I already have a similar pair of brown boots covered in pyramid studs (not DIY, bought from eBay) I didn't want to go over the top.

What do you think?

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