Monday, January 2, 2012

The festive season

Well, we've finished with the festive season which went really quickly for me this year. I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and New Year celebrations. I pretty much worked right up until Christmas Eve when I had the day off to bake and have dinner at Dad's with half the family. I was a very hot day, but I got lots of lovely pressies and ate awesome food as usual.

Enjoying a beer with Jane

Granma, Adam and Aunty Lisa.
Lisa and Ange opening gifts
Dad getting emotional about receiving a Thunderbirds clock. 
Our Godzilla tree topper.
Ange rocking her new Bardot jumpsuit.

Drinking wine from a toy gun.
There are always some odd photos when us girls get together.

On Christmas Day we visited Pete's family in the morning where I received my new bike from Pete. So happy! In the arvo we headed to my Mum's place to celebrate with the rest of the family to eat more delicious food and catch up with loved ones. 

My new wheels!
My lovely Nanna.
Oscar waiting for food, as always. 

My gorgeous cousin Grace loves to pull faces for the camera.
Super cute mint and floral ice cubes.

Jane with her novelty moustache.
Ange and Grace, wearing creepy novelty lips.
Jarrod and the 'stache.
Alice resting after a big day.
The creepy lips got around...
Present time. 
Dave's epic trifle which he makes every year. There's nothing better!

Pete looking handsome in his Christmas hat. 
 For New Year's Eve, Pete and I headed to a Hat Party hosted by our good friend. I chose a cute mini sun hat from Dangerfield and Pete went the budget/more creative option and made his from aluminium foil. It was a good night filled with many drinks, silly conversations and great people. I spent today doing absolutely nothing. After I woke at 11.30, Pete and I spent the day in our air conditioned lounge room watching Modern Family. In the evening I went to the beach with some dear friends, ate fruit and cheese, went swimming then watched the sun set at Glenelg with big bowls of frozen yoghurt. Hello 2012.

I feel bad for the lack of focus on Pete. This is what happens when you forget to make adjustments, you look incredibly selfish. Oops. 
Pete's ready to party. 

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