Friday, February 10, 2012

The Friday shop

Today is the start of my weekend so I did what I enjoy best - went shopping. Rach and I hit up Savers (no surprises there) and didn't find much but I scored some great high-waited skinny jeans for $4.99. Then, as is tradition, we headed to Colonnades, grabbed a Boost juice and checked out the bargains. I bought a leopard print body suit from Valleygirl for $9.95 and a pair of black (glorified) leggings from Cotton On for $14.95 (with a cheeky staff discount from Rach). Good day, would have loved to buy more but I'm looking for such specific items that it makes me fussy and unlikely to settle for less (which is probably a good thing).

Today's shopping outfit (sans hat): Quirky Circus shorts, Dotti tank, op shop jacket, scarf as a belt and customised Rubi boots.

Newly purchased bodysuit and jeans with recently pruchased op shop belt and old fave platform sandals.


  1. I love your denim jacket! I'm in the need for one myself, please let me know if you come across a cheapie! bummed that I couldn't go shopping with you guys this time.

  2. Thanks, the denim jacket is one of my best op shop purchases (and I don't say that lightly!) I'd love to go op shopping sometime, and I know you'll pick up some great stuff overseas if you get the chance :)