Sunday, February 12, 2012

New York Fashion Week begins

The bright colours and splashes of neon that saw us through the warmer months have been replaced with a bevy of autumnal tones, burgundy, teal, mustard, tan to bring us into Autumn/Winter. Showing at NYFW are the trends we have seen and are already beginning to see working their way into the stores, such as a continuation of Aztec inspired prints and heavy use of 70s styling.

Two designers which have caught my eye among the shows of fashion's big and small names alike, are Nonoo and Mara Hoffman, whose collections were shown on Saturday Feb. 11.

Nonoo's collection in particular appeals to my personal style and is by no means groundbreaking in terms of silhouette or design, but is very wearable and trans-seasonal.

Obvious things to note are that fur is back in a big way. As a vegetarian I don't believe in wearing fur, but there's nothing wrong with a cheeky faux fur vest or jacket. Also, anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of capri pants and totally stoked to see them widely available. 

Images of the Nonoo and Mara Hoffman Fall 2012 RTW collections are via New York Magazine

Mara Hoffman's collection has a strong basis in Aztec design, including prints, jewelery and silhouettes. The hats, boots and longer hemlines are a nod to 70s styling and influence.


  1. loving the prints in Hoffman's collection... and capri pants, hey? wonder if I could pull those off... hmmmmmmm...

    1. also, incredibly well-written post. very professional :)

    2. Thanks, Kels. I find wearing capri pants is the best way to flaunt my stumpy legs. :D