Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shoes, glorious shoes.

I have to quit my job; Betts are making it too hard for me to abstain from buying shoes. I have bought a pair (had one pair bought for me, *squee*) for each month I have worked there. That's eight pairs of shoes. Granted, the majority of these are for practical work purposes, but now, look at these:

Essence, teal - $99.99. I also want this in the nude glitter.

Lotus, yellow - $89.99. It has fruit on it, enough said.

Juniper, aztec - $89.99

Hayley - $99.99. Do want. 

Colossal, red/purple - $99.99

Superstar, fuschia - $119.99

Sweet baby jesus, that would be a lot of shoes in my wardrobe. There is also another super amazing wedge called "Spree" which is in store, but does not yet have a photo on the website, but is probably my favourite right now.


  1. oh dude! I love those fruit wedges!! I'm ridiculously jealous of your shoe collection, I'll be honest.

    also, your comment was probably the nicest thing anyone's said about my writing :D thank you!! and I REALLY WANNA MAKE A GINGERBREAD HOUSE! let me know if you find some good ones!

  2. Lucky you and your abundance of shoes! I'm still recycling pairs that I bought seven years ago that surprisingly sstill fit.