Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New things!

Finally had a day off today so I thought I was high time I took some photos! Showing off my new (and not so new) additions. Loving the warm weather, the sunshine and any excuse to wear cute dresses, shorts and tops.

New wire and fabric headscarf from Supre - these babies are super handy because you don't have to tie them, just bend them. I also bought one in watermelon. 

My adorable daisy necklace which I scored from the most recent clothes swap night.

New dress from Valleygirl - $14.95, worn with my imitation Jeffrey Campbell platform sandals.

Lovely tie dye dress from Savers, belt from Salvos.

Super comfy white knitted David Lawrence top from Savers. Best trans-seasonal item I will ever own. 

My Esprit flamingo top from Salvos (which is awkwardly snagged on my boob. oops. )

Cute pink and grey sateen blouse/jacket thing also from Salvos

Should've done a close-up on this one - my current favourite, white shirt with daisy buttons. Unfortunately is made of synthetic and is terrible to wear in hot weather. 

Just showing off my new (ish) shoes. I love these so much, soooo comfortable and currently 30% off at  Betts. 


  1. Hey Lauren,

    Yay, you're a fellow Radelaidean. Love your site -- you have an awesome wardrobe!

    Thanks for following my blog, Becks and the City ( I'm now following Southern Strut too.

    Have a great New Year!


  2. Jealous about the Valleygirl dress, looks amazing! I do miss the perks of working there I admit.

    And loving the moustache photo, I tried wearing one too out of curiosity and it bloody hurt!

    Looking good Lauren! xo

  3. Really enjoying your blog :)
    I'm a tafe fashion grad, also south of adelaide & am glad to follow your blog!

  4. @Katina - thank you, I think I spend waaay too much time in Valleygirl, but it's just so cheap I can't help myself.

    @Belinda - thank you for reading! I'll definitely check out your blog. :)