Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 op-shop and new

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with this dress. It's so wonderfully 90s and looks good with everything. Found it at Savers for about $5. I usually wear it with a black belt and boots and teamed with a navy blazer, black leather jacked, knitted v-neck jumper or white collared cardigan.

This little gem I bought at the Rundle Street Markets for $25. The girl who runs the stall also has a stall at Gilles St Markets and all her dresses and skirts are to die for. It has such a cute, girly pattern with puffs and perfume bottles I couldn't go past it.

 I wore the dress when La Dispute played at Enigma a few weeks ago. 

This skirt I perfect for those days when I feel like a bit of a hippie and rockin' the 90s look (as usual...). Looks amazing with midriff tops and bangles, leather bracelets and plaited hair.

 Ah, Mink Pink, you always seem to know what I want. I have been looking for store-bought high-waisted shorts that actually fit for so long. Usually I have to buy op-shop jeans and cut them into shorts myself, because miraculously, older women suffer from the small waist/big bum thing like I do. And these only cost $30 on sale at Attitudes. Hurrah! When I wear these shorts I tend to go a little overboard with the whole southern cowboy look by wearing the read gingham shirt, boots and western-style belt. 

I think as long as I keep buying items like this, I'll be totally set for when I'm a 60-year-old grandmother who drinks too much wine, says inappropriate things to her grandchildren and sells bad abstract art at craft markets. I love this shirt - found at Savers for about $6, it looks great with the sleeved rolled up and worn with high-waited denim shorts (for the teen-hipster look) or with a white singlet and black maxi skirt (for the mature-hipster look).

It took me far too long to get a Joy Division t-shirt. I finally ordered one from eBay and they sent me a large instead of a small. So, as per my usual solution for things that don't fit, I hacked it up. Now it is a giant singlet/dress which looks good with denim shorts or a pleated skirt. Perfect. 

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