Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweatin' hard for... the sheer skirt

This is touted as a summer trend overseas, but I think it's also perfect for Autumn. The sheer skirt looks amazing with heeled boots, military-style boots, woolen jumpers, loose tees, thigh-high socks, leather/aviator jackets, and basically any other current trend.

This is the Wrangler Hamilton sheer skirt from General Pants. A bit pricey at $109.95 but it has the most unique design I've found so far.

For a shorter variety I recommend this from American Apparel:

 At $42 it's a lot cheaper and comes in heaps of different colours. I've had a chance to wear it and it is super comfy. Just don't go buying the cheaper alternative from Supré, it doesn't fit well at all an the quality, well... you get what you pay for.

Overall, I'd say this sheer maxi from Bardot is my favourite. It's pleated and only comes in black, which are two definite selling points for me. At $89.95 it's a bit dear, but then again it is also an item you could wear right through to next summer.

Items to wear with a sheer skirt: jacket from Dom & Ruby / various shoes from The Shoe Shed / glasses from Ray Ban (vintage)
Featureing: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen / Red skirt from Black Pyramid (vintage) / Chelsey of Mortuaire

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