Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best Op Shops

I op-shop so frequently it's ridiculous. Now that I have no car, my shopping habits have been curbed, much to the delight of my worn out debit card!

Here is a list of my most frequented/best op shops (in no particular order):

Salvos on Broadway, Glenelg
I shop here quite often because I live close by and the range is amazing. There is always new stuff coming in and you can pick up some really good quality stuff. For instance, last time I was there I bought a perfectly fitting navy velvet dress for $15. Amazing!

Save The Children, Glenelg
Again, many a dime spent here as I live so close. They used to be a bit pricey ($15 for a daggy old top? No thanks.) But recently have had 50% off everything sale with no end in sight. And the ladies are always lovely and quick to give compliments.

Savers, Noarlunga
If you live in Adelaide and you haven't discovered Savers yet, you life is just not worth living. Seriously. It's basically a giant warehouse full of amazingness. It's full of mostly women's clothes arranged into style, size and colour (so handy). There's also shoes, LOTS of handbags, menswear, some furniture and bric-a-brac. As soon as you walk in the door grab one of the wheeled baskets - you'll fill it up in no time. Best of all, everything is mega cheap, better than Salvos prices. Win.

Salvos, Brighton Rd
This Salvos is pretty reliable though not as good as it used to be. That said, I've had some great finds here, such as the time the store was full of gypsy clothing. They've had a recent renovation and now stock a lot more than they used to, so it's worth checking out.

Goodwill, Hindley St
This store has been around for ages for a reason. The upstairs bit is always chock full of new and used clothing and some great jewelery. Downstairs is a retro/costume enthusiast's wet dream. So many bad dresses, so little money. And the 50c rack is always a winner.

Salvos, South Rd, Darlington
One of the best Salvos this side of the city. Always a winner for shoes, bags, dresses, everything. Prices are good and there's heaps to look at.

Salvos, South Road, Edwardstown
Similar to the Darlington one but bigger in size. This one can be a bit hit-and-miss but the sheer size means it's always worth a look.

Salvos, Whitmore Sq
Whitmore Sq is not the nicest of places to visit in Adelaide but the Salvos store there is worth risking you limbs/spare change.

Salvos, Magill Rd
Yep, Salvos again. There's so many of them I have no choice but to visit them all. I occasionally dropped in to this one to/from Uni and it was worth it every time. Because it's located in a more affluent area you get all the name brand/fantastic old lady stuff. Rich people have much more eclectic taste than my poorer, more conservative ladies of the south. Patterns, patterns and more patterns.

Anything on the main street in Hahndorf
Seriously. It's all so cheap and the ladies who run the stores are adorable, half-blind and often hidden behind mountains of clothing. It'll take a while to rummage through eveything but you'll come out with some absolute gems.

The one on the main street in Yankalilla
Ok, so I haven't visited this one in about five years, but what I remember was a dank, dark house full of clothing and random items, all ridiculously cheap. It would take days to get through each room and the old lady who runs the place might be dead before you finish rummaging. Only for the adventurous.

Anything in Norwood. 
Money, The Parade, old rich biddies. Need I say more?

And I think that's it for now. A long list, yes, but definitely not exhaustive.

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  1. Oh whoa, thanks for this! An absolute treasure trove right there!