Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 op-shop finds: Tops

I bought these items yesterday from Save The Children (shirt) and Salvos on Broadway (bag + necklace). The bag is the exact same as one my sister owns but hers is cream coloured and cost a lost more than the $2 I paid. The necklace is some dorky 90s sun on a natural fibre chain which is perfect because I am obsessed with all things 90s at the moment.

 I wore the shirt last night  - it looks far better on than off.

This shirt I picked up from St. Vincent De Paul on Semaphore Road for about $4. I adore the colours and this shirt looks great with high-waited jeans/skirt/shorts - basically anything denim.

This jumper kind of rules my life right now. Again, totally 90s, I've been wearing it with high-waited shorts and boots or my very-worn black jeans and boots or sandals. I always team this with my silver coin necklace or makeshift dream-catcher necklace. Naturally wavy hair and dark red lipstick complete the look.

This one was hard to photograph. Basically it's a sand coloured silk shirt which hangs wonderfully, shows a bit of midriff and looks great with black jeans and boots/sandals. Found it at Salvos on Broadway for $4. Again worn with dream-catcher necklace and leather bracelets.

Another hard to photograph top as it hangs weirdly on the coat hanger. It's a thick woven singlet I picked up at Anglicare on Hindley/King William for $15.

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