Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweatin' hard for... leather

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a BIG fan of the leather jacket. In cold weather I wear mine practically every day. What I am currently on the hunt for is a pair of leather shorts and/or pants. Pant would be the practical option as Winter draws nearer, but fashion is never about practicality.

I am also a renowned tight ass when it comes to spending money (hence my op-shop addiction) so I'm on the look-out for something wonderful with a price tag that won't give me heart palpitations.

Rebecca Minkoff -  F/W 11/12
Love the tan leather and belted hem. Acne F/W 11/12


And I was going to post a few examples of what I might buy, but Evil Twin is a one-stop leather-and-awesomeness shop. It's like everything in the current "The Night Is For Hunting" collection was made for me. Here is a sample of The Night Is For Hunting:

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